Sweet Sixteen Party Invitations

A sweet sixteen party is an event to remember for a lifetime, and it all starts with the invitations. Giving out unique, well-crafted invitations lets guests know that this party will be special. Invitations that spark interest will excite guests, as well as the honoree, and build anticipation. They also make great souvenirs for the young girl.

One way to make the invitations special is to have the birthday guest put her own stamp on it. If she enjoys writing, have her compose a poem about why she would like for guests to attend. If she has an interest in art, suggest that she design her own invitations, and clearly state on the cards that she did the artwork. She can also look at different shapes and colors for the cards, rather than picking simple white rectangles.

If she doesn’t want to get that involved, have her put her stamp on the invitations in another way. She could seal each envelope with a lipstick kiss for a flirty, fun touch. She could also include one of her favorite song lyrics or literary passages.

Her personality and ambitions can be a part of the invitations. For instance, if she loves politics and wants to hold public office, use a picture of the White House. If she is athletic, try using borders or backgrounds featuring sports equipment. Maybe she wants to be famous, and the cards can use music or movie symbols as decoration. If the party is themed in some way special to her, incorporate the theme into the invitations.

Source: http://funteenpartyideas.com/sweet-16-party-ideas/

Dig through family photo albums for a personal touch. The invites could feature a picture of the birthday girl as a baby, and then a recent photo of her all grown up. Alternatively, ask her friends for some candid pictures and make a collage of some of her favorite memories. With digital photography, it has become much easier to personalize photo  invitations with old and new pictures.

However you invite guests to a sweet sixteen, make sure the invitations represent the guest of honor and spark interest in the party. Of course, also make sure to include the relevant details, including date, time, directions, and dress code (if applicable). Consider printing a map to the venue on the back of the cards. The invitations are just one way to get creative with a sweet sixteen party, so above all, have fun!



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